Guest Columnist #69 - Zanne

    A lot of us have very valid reasons to be concerned with how our food is grown, what we eat, or choose to put in or on our bodies.  Recently I have become thoroughly stunned at how little people pay attention and give thought to how that food is cooked.  If you enjoy your organic, dairy free, vegetable filled burrito wraps with a healthy dose of radiation, I suppose this column won’t distress you too terribly much.
    I haven’t used a microwave in over 3 years, and before then, I suppose much like everyone else, never put much thought into how they worked, or exactly what they did to me, or my food.  I just assumed that as long as your food gets warm, it doesn’t really matter what methods you use to heat it.  Ah, but this is not the case.  In conventional heating methods, such as the over, heat transfers from the outside to the inside.  In microwave ovens the heating is reversed, starting from the inside and transferring outwards.  Microwaves work by forcing molecules and atoms within the food to completely reverse polarity billions of times per second, causing the food to heat by severe friction.  this friction completely changes the molecular structure of the food, and actually forms new compounds not naturally known to man, or our world, called radiolytic compounds.
    Now that you know in very simple terms how they work, you may (or may not) be surprised to know that microwaves are actually used specifically for the weakening of cell membranes in gene altering technology.  The microwaves are so forceful that the cells are actually broken and somewhat destroyed, which I suppose would be great if you’re a scientist into gene manipulation.  With food, along with those broken cells, the life force and nutrient quality is severely destroyed as well.
    On a personal note, my great friend Jeff’s mom enjoys having her coffee heated in the microwave.  Whenever I happen to be talking on the phone with him, we always know when she’s heating her coffee because the phone cuts off and gets static-y.  We have experimented many times, only to find that the microwave is the only thing that makes his phone fritz out.  If you thought that was creepy, there is more to come.
    An incident in Oklahoma happened in 1991 when a woman by the name of Norma Levitt went in for  hip surgery and was killed by a simple blood transfusion because the nurse heated the blood in a microwave (which is not a normal procedure at all).  If simply heating blood for a transfusion in a microwave can be the sole cause of someone’s death, that has to be a red flag to everyone as to how they change the molecular structure of things, including what we cook and then  ingest. 
    Interestingly enough, microwave ovens were banned in Russia in 1976 because of the negative health impacts they were studied to have.  they change the amino acid L-Proline into D-Proline, which has been known to be greatly toxic to the liver, kidneys  and the nervous system.  Not only do microwaves lesson the bodies ability to absorb and utilize certain vitamins and minerals (especially B-vitamins which are highly essential to all you loopy vegans and veggies out there) but have also been known to cause cancerous growths in the intestines and colon as well as weaken the lymphatic system, an essential element to keeping our immune systems functioning properly and riding our bodies of cancerous growths.
    So do you ever notice how your food just doesn’t look, smell, or taste the same after cooking it in a microwave, as it does when cooked conventionally?  Do you notice how you don’t quite feel as great after consuming food cooked in one?  I started paying attention to that one day, and it was really amazing to note the differences.
    In 1989, a Swiss food scientist and biologist by the name of Hans Hetel conducted an intense study on the effects of microwaves on the human body.  Along with his assistant, Dr. Bernard Blanc, and six others lived in a  controlled environment for eight weeks, eating foods cooked conventionally as well as from microwave ovens, with blood samples being taken throughout.  Their findings with the group consuming microwaved foods were rather significant, major variations in the blood were noted, such as HDL and LDL cholesterol levels and hemoglobin levels changing significantly s well as short term lowering of white blood cell levels.  Upon these and other findings from the study, in 1993, the Swiss association of Dealers for Elecroapparatuses for Households and Industry (FEA) were able to persuade the Swiss Gov’t to issue a gag order on Hertel and Blanc, ordering them to never speak about the dangers of microwaves, or to face heavy fines and prison terms if broken.  Luckily in 1998, the European Court of human Rights overturned and lifted that gag order, stating that there had been a isolation of Hertel’s rights.  If there is really nothing wrong, or dangerous about microwave ovens, obviously the FEA would not have felt the need to try and shut Hans Hertel up.  It also makes one wonder just how much we really DON’t know.
     I haven’t used a microwave for so long, I don’t even think about it anymore.  I don’t mind waiting a few extra minutes for my food to cook, and really, no one is in that much of a hurry.
    I have a lot more in-depth information about the dangers of microwaves and specifically on the study conducted by Hans Hertel, if anyone wants more to read, please feel to contact me!  Some references for this column were: Nexus Magazine Vol 2 #25, April-May ‘95; Eco Vision Journal Sept. 2001 pg. 10-11
    By the way, my address has changed, so for the time being write to me here: 23 W. Galer #103, Seattle WA 98119  (address from 2001 - current info not available - ed 2011)
—Zanne Rehash