Guest Columnist #62 - Jane Doe

by Jane Doe

     Another girl is going down tonight. And calling the police will only make matters worse. Sisters! Defend yourselves. No one can rely on the police, they have enough problems, many of them have their own families to raise to becoming outstanding citizens. What man would treat a woman well after she rats on him to the police. Won't she say something like, "Look, it was my fault. I enjoyed it." The police will threaten victim into confession with "You only want to protect your supply." Don't give in to the police because the police do more damage trying to deal with sexual abuse and the affects of sexual abuse on individual women and the entire women's community.
     Women, form groups outside the system, not necessarily against the system. Like a nesting doll, there are many possible ways for different groups to function within different groups. They can live peacefully and weed out those who bring warfare to the community. No woman can feel safe to fink to the police for sexual abuse. She will be victim to further punishment for trying to defend herself. Develop a system to communicate between women.  Create change through positive action and control of information. Start a monitor by women, for women.
     Don't need to risk your life. Choose different ways to fight back and protect yourself and confront men when there is a critical mass of women to back you up.
     Do not lose focus and turn this into a riot against the system because that will only get participants onto government hit list as member of terrorist organization. This is a group that needs to be started because the solution to the problem provided by the system contradicts its own logic. If perpetrators of sexual abuse were members of the police force, only then would it be reasonable for police to be called: To get his job back, he would have to save face by paying with a prison term.
     Victims are often hookers, drug addicts, young women. The police are agents of democracy and capital, and on the street, what role does the local or national government play in dealing with day to day reality and experience. How does the government deal with revenge, street gangs, race wars, guns. Hypothetically the government officials would say, "Sell more guns so we can declare war against a terrorist coup threatening to overthrow democracy." They will punish people who do not know how to please those in power and who want control over their own lives.
     This is not a terrorist organization against the state. It is time for women to take information into their own hands so that people stop perpetrating violence on other humans. Help victims, survivors of sexual abuse, secure households, MONITOR AND
     Police are there to make money and hide away "offenders" and "criminals". The inhumanity is done to the man who is forced to deal unnecessarily with the state and to the woman who must WAIT FOR HER ABUSER TO COME OUT OF JAIL AND MUST PAY THE PRICE FOR TRYING TO PROTECT HERSELF.