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Dave Trenga #78

    So now we’re all safer. That’s what we’re being told, we’re all safer since Saddam Hussein has been captured. No longer will Saddam Hussein be able to threaten Americans and the rest of the world. No longer will he be able to develop weapons of mass destruction. No longer will he be able to sponsor terrorist networks like Al-Quida. Well of course this sounds great on the surface but haven’t we learned anything this past year? Time and time again we’ve learned that the Bush administration has lied about anything and everything that would help convince Americans to go to war. Anything and everything that would take the focus off of their real agenda. Their reasoning, Excuses and propaganda are flimsy at best, yet it’s been more than enough to convince the average American that this war was in everyone’s best interest. All the while those who are really benefiting from this war are the very same people who not only aligned themselves with Saddam Hussein for years but also built him up and made him what he is. So why would these same people who sponsored, groomed and armed Saddam Hussein be so eager to bring about his downfall? The most significant reason would be that of Iraq invading Kuwait in 1990. But one important aspect of us coming to Kuwait’s aid should be recognized. We did not come to Kuwait’s aid because we were outraged by Iraq’s aggression towards their neighbor like we were told. And if we want to be perfectly honest about our reasons for getting involved then we have to admit that we really were coming to Saudi Arabia’s aid more so than Kuwait’s. Specifically to the aid of the Saudi royal family which just so happens to be longtime friends and probably the strongest political allies of the Bush family. It’s these political allies to the Bush family that were directly threatened by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Not only were they threatened by the likelihood of Iraq dominating the oil production of the middle east by conquering Kuwait but they were also in danger of being invaded by Iraq themselves as Iraq had amassed troops along the Saudi Arabian border.
    Iraq had given George Bush Sr.’s administration every indication that they had intended to invade Kuwait and the administration in return gave Iraq every indication that we would not get involved. The first Gulf war could have been completely prevented if the previous Bush administration had not botched the rounds of diplomacy. It was their incompetence that gave the green light to Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. If only Saddam Hussein had known the full scope of what complete lapdogs the Bush family is for the Saudi royal family maybe he would’ve thought twice about threatening Saudi Arabia and its interests.
    Obviously there lies the utmost commitment by the Bush family towards the Saudi royal family. But how far exactly would the Bush family be willing to go to make good on this commitment? Would they cover up the possible involvement that Saudi Arabia may have had in 9/11? Almost all of the highjackers of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. So why didn’t the Bush administration who claim to be so hell-bent on bringing those involved in the biggest terrorist attack on American soil not invade Saudi Arabia? They invaded Afghanistan whose rule under the Taliban gave refuge to Osama bin Laden, the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. Later they invaded Iraq under the guise of Saddam Hussein’s indirect involvement in 9/11 through his support of Al-Quida that was alleged by Bush and his administration. So why not just invade Saudi Arabia as well? They seem to have played more of a role in 9/11 than Iraq did. Even if their involvement was limited to providing a safe haven for terrorists to operate from which has been one of the allegations that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq.
    The other justification for invading Iraq, of course being the alleged weapons of mass destruction. Our forces have been in Iraq for over 10 months now and have been unable to find one shred of evidence of any weapons of mass destruction. They’ve been unable to find any chemical or biological weapons either. In fact, probably the only chemical or biological weapons that have been in Iraq in the last 14 years are those that have been used by American forces. The amount of uranium depleted shells that we’ve fired into Iraq for the last 14 years has had such a devastating effect on Iraq’s population. And who has it been that’s suffered the most from these horrific weapons being unleashed into Iraq? The children that have been born since the 1990 Gulf war. There have been massive amounts of birth defects in Iraqi children that are a direct result of all the radiation dispensed by our uranium depleted shells. This is one side of our war against Iraq that the American public has yet to see or hear about from our biased corporate media. Just like the thousands of Iraqi civilians that have been killed and maimed by this war. We have not seen a single image in the American corporate media of one of these Iraqi casualties. Why? Because the American public needs the assurance that we’re doing the right thing. That our actions are just and that we’re there to help free the Iraqi people. Seeing the innocent victims, killed and maimed by our bombs, shells, soldiers, tax dollars and unquestioning compliance would make that a very tough fantasy to sell. Just like the fantasy that we our being in Iraq has anything remotely to do with 9/11.
    And why has the Bush administration fought tooth and nail to keep all records regarding 9/11 a secret from the American public? They have outright refused on every level to make public all of these records. It has been suggested by many that the Bush administration had full knowledge and repeated warnings by the FBI that 9/11 was going to happen. That in fact the administration was briefed that there was a terrorist plot to highjack commercial airplanes and crash them into New York and Washington D.C. That the FBI had was aware of suspected terrorists enrolled in flight training schools. The FBI considered this to be a credible threat and of the utmost importance to national security. So what did the Bush administration do with this knowledge? Absolutely nothing. Our fearless leader was obviously too busy vacationing, living his life of privilege, to lift a finger to protect the American people. This is our president. Our fearless leader that has sent hundreds of American soldiers to their deaths and another thousand or so to be maimed in Afghanistan and now Iraq. This is our leader who has killed more than 3 times as many innocent civilians as those who died in 9/11. This is our leader who has chosen to align himself with the Saudi royal family and the bin Laden family. Concerned more for the safety and well-being of these people in the wake of 9/11 than for his own citizens. Providing safe passage for all of these Bush allies out of the U.S. before they could be questioned by the FBI on the only plane allowed to fly over a devastated nation immediately after the 9/11 attacks.
    The Bush administration has done more to cover up the truth about 9/11 and protect those who may have had a role in the attacks than any terrorist network could’ve ever hoped to. If Bush is going to send Americans to their deaths to defend our country, something he was unwilling to do himself, then don’t they at least deserve to know the truth? Haven’t they earned that? Don’t all of us deserve to have access to all of the files on 9/11 that Bush is so determined to keep from us? What could possibly be in these files? Proof that we’ve all been sold out by the very leader that claims he’s committed to protecting us? The truth that our safety and the stability of our country come second to his business interests with terrorists and dictators? That everything that’s been beaten into our heads by the right wing corporate owned media like Fox news is pure propaganda? That the Bush administration and the Bush family are responsible for tremendous bloodshed, the fleeting of our economy and the abuse of an entire nations civil liberties for their own prosperity and self interest?
    And what will be the Bush administration’s punishment for all of this that they’ve unleashed upon our country and the rest of the world? Nothing, nothing but another 4 years in office. It’s the right wing corporate that are going to get Bush another 4 years, that and the never ending naiveté of the American people.
    I am definitely of the opinion that we need to get Bush out of office, whatever it takes. And although I haven’t voted in the presidential election in recent years because I tired of voting for a lesser of two evils I find myself turning around of this issue now. At least for the time being. I was tired of voting for a candidate that I didn’t believe in because they seemed to be not quite as bad as the alternative. I failed to see a difference between the republicans and their so-called liberal opponents. But I do believe that things have gotten so bad these last three years that absolutely anybody else would be a step in the right direction. The decision to cast your vote in the upcoming election is obviously the choice that each of us has to make for ourselves. And although I do see participating in this year’s election to be a contradictory compromise to my beliefs, living another 4 years under the most oppressive regime to ever come to power in our country is, in my eyes, a much more extreme compromise to my beliefs.
    Bush has aligned himself with the extremely wealthy and bled this country dry. He has been in bed with corporations like Enron, Betchel, and Halliburton that have ripped off the American public for tens of billions of dollars. He has passed legislation that strongly benefits big insurance and pharmaceutical companies at the expense of any suitable form of health care or Medicare. He has excused the wealthiest of paying their share of taxes through his tax cuts and corporate loopholes that shift the burden to the middle, working classes and those in poverty. It’s this kind of voodoo economics that have thrown our economy into a tailspin, sent unemployment rates soaring to their highest since the great depression and racked up the highest deficit this country has ever seen. All of this threatens, not only the economic future of our country, but also the financial stability of the world economy. All so that his already obscenely wealthy political allies could put more money in the bank. Bush has eliminated all our civil liberties under the guise of protecting us from terrorism by enacting the PATRIOT act.
    So who really has been a bigger threat to the American public? Saddam Hussein or George Bush and the rest of his administration? I know I haven’t slept one bit easier since Saddam Hussein has been captured, although I knew enough to realize that Saddam Hussein was never really a threat to me. But I know for a fact that I’ll sleep better if we can Bush’s dictatorship out of power.