S&L #80 Summer 2004

Some Thoughts #80

    I wish I didn’t have to wait until the last minute to write my columns, but it’s how it always is.  It’s been a frantic warm season thus far this year, with lots of travel and show going and the photos are here to show it.  On one hand I think the punk scene is more exciting and happening than ever before, with all these fests and so many international touring bands this summer, it’s been a great season.  But this issue of S&L has been one of the hardest to pull together.  There is a certain amount of that challenge that com

Mad Farmer Sascha #80

 Adventures in the Land of Greasecars and Fireflies

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #80

    Here in Philly, there is nothing better than Penn X-mas, and it always brings it’s joys in late spring. See, out here in West Philly, (the true Punk neighborhood in Philadelphia, way more so than that South Philly place) there is the University of Pennsylvania, an ivy-league school, where the majority of the student body is from the ruling elite.

EcoPunk #80

    It's a blustery Saturday and I can't get Poison Idea out of my head, even as I bushwhack my way down a dying logging road. Last night, after a fifteen year wait, I finally got to see ol' Jerry A and Pig Champion play their greatest hits amidst clouds of flying Pabst cans.

Vegan Action #80

    Some activists have started to embrace neoprimitivism by striving to become more independent and consume less from big businesses and industries.  In an effort to be more in touch with nature and our ancestry, some folks are moving back to the woods and living more autonomously.  Over the last few years I have been meeting more and more road kill eaters, mostly at conferences and festivals.  Some of them are even “road kill vegans.” Is this a contradiction of terms or a sound, ecological way of life?  Looking at this from a consumerism poin

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #80

    It feels as though summer might finally be here to stay in the city of suds (Milwaukee, that is).  We've been plagued with weather akin to the Pacific Northwest (cool/cold and rainy) ever since winter ended...but with the Midwest bonus of huge bloodthirsty mosquitoes that will eat you alive as soon as the sun goes down.  Today is HOT and sunny and I'm proud to say that our little communal house garden seems to be flourishing out there in the back yard.  We've made plenty of mistakes (this being our first garden endeavor) like digging out too small of a bed

Dave Trenga #80

    Do we really have an opportunity to change this country come November or is this upcoming election merely a show for the masses? This is something that seems to be dominating a lot of my conversations with friends lately. The upcoming election is something that I’ve been debating with myself since the last fraudulent election installed Bush in power. I used to vote when I was younger but became tired, as many people have, with a lack of options in the two party system and with voting for a “lesser of two evils”.

Frozen Inside by Cindy #80

    These are questions about consent that me and a friend of mine put together for a workshop we helped put together. They helped spark a lot of really good and important discussions in our community, and hopefully will be helpful for you all too. We ask that you read and think honestly about these questions one at a time. (you certainly don’t have to read the whole list in one sitting!

Crossroads by Carolyn #80

    I recently attended a meeting that was meant to be an open forum for the business community and environmental community to better understand one another.  There was some clearing up of misconceptions, like just because someone owns a business doesn’t mean she wants to cover all the parks in concrete.  Other misconceptions and stereotypes were annoyingly reinforced.

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