S&L #78 Winter 2004

Some Thoughts #78

    I think everyone is half asleep right now, myself included.  I’m not talking about  sheep following blindly, as in not fully sensitized or paying attention kind of sleep.  Actually I think there is so much bizarre stuff happening in the world that people are quite awake and angry.  I’m talking more like moving slow, being lazy, not quite getting it all together, and watching time slip by right through your fingers and almost not even noticing or caring, just kinda thinking that things will eventually get on track.  I guess that is what

EcoPunk #78

Covet thy Pathogen
    It was the morning after the seventh winter storm in eight days blasted down from the Gulf of Alaska. The East wind, seeking out the path of least resistance, was blowing out to sea with gusts up into the 50 knot range. Thick clusters of rain the size of 00 buckshot assaulted the region with roof rattling force. Dark armadas of warring clouds seered across the sky undoubtedly enroute to some assault. It was a perfect day to go for a hike.

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #78

A joke: How is E.T. different from a Polish Punk?
ET had his own Bike and Backpack
ET traveled alone
ET’s finger glowed, not his nose
ET spoke English
ET went home

MerryDeath #78

    So the new year came and I'm hoping that it'll beat the hell of one I had last year. I started by making a resolution to do more reading this year; I fell behind some on that lately and it wasn't until I read "Cruddy" by Linda Barry, on suggestion from a roommate, that I got back on the kick. It's a story of a young girl living in a family lacking money and love, meeting friends to take on a trip to retrace a harsh journey she had with her father. Death and overwhelming circumstances plague her, and we are left feeling totally cruddy reading the story.

Vegan Action #78

    Growing up in the suburbs of DC was more than I could ask for in the eighties, especially when it came to going to shows.  A lot of the shows were in churches which didn’t seem odd and it was quite clear that it was the older kids in the community that were running those shows.  I definitely looked forward to the church shows especially because almost everyone there was really nice to the young kids.  Aside from meeting kids that actually lived in DC (not Northern Virginia) and seeing great shows, I was first introduced to pro-choice and animal rights

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #78

    Ahhh, yes! A new year, another column to procrastinate on until way, way after deadline and the usual round of babbling on about various subjects which may or may not be of any interest to anyone. Let’s begin, shall we?! I’m sitting here at 1-ish in the morning, eating a piece of vegan chocolate mousse pie from one of our local Milwaukee food co-ops and waiting for my Douglas fir tip tea to finish steeping. It is damn cold out...somewhere in the 9 degree area, but possibly even colder with that darn wind-chill factor.

Lost In The Supermarket #78

Interview with Emily Harry of the Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage -Jan, 2004

Dave Trenga #78

    So now we’re all safer. That’s what we’re being told, we’re all safer since Saddam Hussein has been captured. No longer will Saddam Hussein be able to threaten Americans and the rest of the world. No longer will he be able to develop weapons of mass destruction. No longer will he be able to sponsor terrorist networks like Al-Quida. Well of course this sounds great on the surface but haven’t we learned anything this past year?

Guest Columnists #78 - A Male Survivor's Story of Sexual Assault

A Male Survivor's Story of Sexual Assault
Note:  The following article has could be triggering for some people.

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