S&L #77 Autumn 2003

Some Thoughts #77

    This time of year, as the days get shorter and darker, always brings with it an instinct to start to withdraw and pull inward.  While I love this time of year cause the temperature brings some relief from the summer heat - I have also come to associate it with the seasonal depression which hits me hard.  Unfortunately this makes it hard to appreciate the changing color of the leaves and all the other fun things that go with autumn.  If you’ve been reading this zine for any amount of time, then you know that I flow with the seasons and talk about it co

Mad Farmer Sascha #77

Blinking Red Lights and the Souls of Our Friends

Radical Motherhood by Candyce #77

    I usually love writing about how great homeschooling my kid is and just generally spreading the word about education alternatives, but lately I've just been really stressed out and it has been hard to write positive stuff. The troubles in my life seem to be mostly of the economic variety--trying to make ends meet while home schooling a kid is a challenge and it seems like the economy is getting worse all the time. There never feels like there is enough time to get everything done and there is always another bill to pay.

Guest Columnist #77 - An Open Letter...

by d, with help from friends
    Some men say they want an end to the rape of the earth*, but what about an end to the rape of wimmin? Why is male violence/male supremacy continued to be called a "women's issue" that must be boxed up and away until after civilization collapses?

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #77

I really need to start writing these things a month ahead of the due date time.

EcoPunk #77

    Along the periphery of the Great Basin, high in mountains named after long forgotten indians like Wallowa, Umatilla and Ochoco, the Ponderosa Pines grow thick and stout like 200' tall pumpkins. The Doug Firs, thinner and more wiry than their Westside cousins, flex their muscles against the strain of oppressive snowloads and root wrenching gusts of wind. Higher up, the tenacious five needle pines, the Western White and White Bark, grow slow and steady, sometimes growing from a sprout to a tree 40' tall and 6" in diameter in just under 500 years.

MerryDeath #77

I once asked a friend what they would write about if they could get a message to   I think about this question every time I write this columll talk about elections. 

Vegan Action #77

    The Submission Hold show got me all warm and fuzzy about being old.  The show was not super crowded, just enough people and a few little kids.  Kids at shows are so awesome and it sets a really comfortable tone (this was not at a bar or club).  It felt like community.  I am now at the age where some of my friends have kids and live as they always have but they are also raising a child or children.  It is so frustrating that we are so inundated with society telling us we have to grow up some time and conform like everyone else (if we haven’t

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #77

    About a week ago, I was really gung-ho to write this column...and now it just feels like pulling teeth to sit down in front of the computer.  Probably because I’ve been having so many stupid issues with hotmail and ebay in the past couple of months that it just isn’t funny. Don’t you just love it when you get denied access to an account because you’ve forgotten your password (EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVEN’T!!!).

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