S&L #73 Autumn 2002

Some Thoughts #73

    As the heat lifted and the summer came to an end, everything started to feel a little bit better.  A lot of us were able to breath a sigh of relief.  And once again I was able to enjoy being outside and find that extra kick of energy that comes in the fall.  Unfortunately the one thing that brings me a lot of my satisfaction and inspiration is seeing bands play, and sadly there have been few shows this fall.  Over the summer, things were great.  We had a great space for shows and for the first time in awhile, things felt quite right around here.&n

Mad Farmer Sascha #73


“When you’re looking at pain-- you’re looking at truth
Nothing like pain to make us all the same…”
The Gits

Excerpt from an email I wrote to this 18 year old just out of the psych ward, diagnosed bipolar like me, who wrote after reading a piece I had in the San Francisco Bay Guardian last week (You can check out the piece if you have web access at: http://www.sfbg.com/lit/sept02/bipolar.html):

Radical Motherhood by Candyce #73

    So it is back to school time for everyone, including us. It is a week into September as I am writing this and we've settled into our homeschooling routine once again. I keep having to run back to the library or look things up online, simple tasks that soon consume hours as I start looking into a subject a little deeper or come across a new idea to investigate. The "work" really never stops.

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #73

Written on a late evening, as the mind was frantic. It is choppy, and jumps, read at own risk.

Accomplishment, happiness, arrogance, apathy, and, oh yeah, punk rock.

EcoPunk #73

    The GPS reads 31º49.000N/ 114º42.000W. The anchor's holding tight in 8 fathoms of water and the little boat is head to flying nothing but a staysail. The barometer is standing strong at 1014.5 and the night is inky black. With the exception of the thundering surf, there's nothing to keep me company save a few dull, distant stars who just exacerbate the feeling of desolation that clings to me like a wet pair of silk panties.

MerryDeath #73

 “I’m at the bookstore… you’re at the bookstore too…”

Vegan Action #73

    Someone asked me once, "What if you were on your way to a city council meeting to make the deciding vote to end factory farming in your city and you passed a dog that had just been hit by a car.  Do you stop for the dog or get to the meeting one time?"  I know about these never likely, hypothetical questions and often find them to be intriguing.  In fact, almost every time I'm leafleting, someone asks me the old, "If you were stranded on an island with a cow would you eat it?" question a lot.  It is a way for people to find out your

Guest Columnist #73 - Fernando

Do You Really Support Punk/Hardcore?
    This is my second contribution to S&L.  I’m writing from Mexico and I want to share with all of you something that I think is important.  We have a label-distribution and record-book-info store. It is very hard to do this kind of work in Mexico, but with the support of nice people around the world, and a never ending struggle, everything is doing well.

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