S&L #72 Summer 2002

Vegan Action #72

Can Dogs and Cats be Vegetarians?

Some Thoughts #72

    Summer is always a low energy time for me.  I don’t take to the heat well, and while I love the outward energy of summer — the socializing, mingling and general out and about on the streets time of year and the inherent good times that usually follow - it’s still nothing like the transitional seasons, for me.

Guest Columnist #71 - Nick Matthes

    Getting away is always nice, but after 2.5 months in the desert, it is good to be back in Wisconsin. I spent 11 weeks in the placid, picturesque desert of the Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona. On the Greyhound ride back up north, the 2-day barrage of billboards was a screaming reemergence into euro-american society who’s absence of (yet subtle reminders) was greatly needed.

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #72

    I swear, it read like a fairy tale. We were reading Abel Paz's journal from the Spanish Civil War, and that is exactly what it sounded like. Maybe it was because we were in Barcelona, maybe it was the hash ... but still it read as a dream - of a magical occurrence, long ago in a far away place. Stories not of dragons and castles - but of collective transit systems, autonomous decision-making, and the slaying of evil, fascist beasts.

EcoPunk #72

    This past Summer Solstice, I turned 26. Usually this time is somewhat somber and morose for me (not because of my birthday, but because of the Moon and Stars pulling at my blood), but this one was especially so.

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #72

    I was in San Francisco today, doing my weekly walk from the Mission to the post office to Maximum Rock-n-Roll and I was mentally starting this column in my head. It was a gorgeous HOT day here in the Bay Area...the kind that we usually only get in October. A rare and wonderful thing. During my walk, I kept track of all the medicinal/edible plants that I encountered along the way. Here’s what I saw: rosemary, lavender, mullein, nasturtium, fennel, sage, calendula, gingko, red raspberry, mint, dandelion, honeysuckle and eucalyptus.

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