S&L #71 Spring 2002

Vegan Action #71

    So Burger King has a veggie burger!  Before you jump to any 'obvious' conclusions, it has been a major controversial issue among animal activists lately.  It is quite a conundrum if you give it a little thought.  In the interest of decreasing suffering and death of farm animals it makes sense to encourage people to eat alternatives to meat.  But at any cost?  Does it make sense to encourage people to patronize a major fast food chain that promotes cultural addiction and dependence on convenience?

The Future Generation #71

Some thoughts on anti-authoritarian adulthood

Some Thoughts #71

    Welcome to the spring issue, which is also the 16th year anniversary issue, which isn’t that exciting of an anniversary, but worth mentioning all the same.  The months and years seem to be flying by at an uncontrollable pace so that perception of time seems to have no bearings or relevance in many respects.  Since the roller coaster is obviously not about to slow down, I’m just going to hold on for the ride.  The response to the last issue was really amazing!  There has been a lot of positive feedback as well as an intense outpouring of emo

Guest Columnist #71 - Nick Matthes

    Getting away is always nice, but after 2.5 months in the desert, it is good to be back in Wisconsin. I spent 11 weeks in the placid, picturesque desert of the Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona. On the Greyhound ride back up north, the 2-day barrage of billboards was a screaming reemergence into euro-american society who’s absence of (yet subtle reminders) was greatly needed.

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #71

  Manic Depression is a Black Kat that always seems to follow...it is not being able to get out of bed, because today has no point...where nothing seems to matter. Where simple tacks are struggles and smiles a near impossibility. Manic depression is about being frantic - a 1000 projects started at once...but nothing ever seems to be finished or go as you envisioned.

Mad Farmer Sascha #71 - Madness and Manic Depression

Madness and Manic Depression - Carving out a Life

“My mind is like a switchboard - with crossed and tangled lines.
I don’t know what’s going on - it’s the operators job not mine.”
                -Poly Styrene   X-Ray Spex  1977

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #71

Today I went see Vitamin X and the Fleshies in Chloe’s garage and I think that it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in San Francisco.  All the charm and energy of a rad midwest basement show, a fun pit that had everyone bumping into the garage door with smiles on their faces and an incredible view of the Bay between bands.  A great combo...scenic punk rock!

Guest Columnist #71 - Emily writes about Sera

    I’m sitting on a white sandy beach, next to a Tea Tree-brown tinted river, looking out over the crashing waves of the Antarctic ocean.  And I cant stop thinking about Sera.
I was in Australia when I found out she was dead.  And I’m still here.

Guest Columnist #71 - Dalia

    New Orleans in January was a hot, sweet dream, a tangled maze of alleys and bars, slow tugboats on the Mississippi. Elevated cemeteries, the graves raised to avoid the swampy earth.  My days were blurring into one another in a pleasant wash of sweat and beer, late nights and pool hall Laundromats, slow lazy sex for hours, forever, in a little yellow apartment with the radio on.  January! I couldn’t believe it, the backyard was such a humid green jungle of vines and trash, I wore just a tee shirt more days than not.

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