S&L #69 Autumn 2001

Guest Columnist #69 - Zanne

    A lot of us have very valid reasons to be concerned with how our food is grown, what we eat, or choose to put in or on our bodies.  Recently I have become thoroughly stunned at how little people pay attention and give thought to how that food is cooked.  If you enjoy your organic, dairy free, vegetable filled burrito wraps with a healthy dose of radiation, I suppose this column won’t distress you too terribly much.

Vegan Action #69

Part 1- Don’t sweat the details. 

Some Thoughts #69

    Fall has been a real time of transition thus far.  I was anxiously awaiting my 30th birthday in September.

Guest Columnist #69 - Michelle Inattic

    Those billboards, they mocked me. Stood for everything I am against, and it was driving me crazy. Every time I passed them I became infuriated, I cursed in Quebeque French, and explained to my friends there, using English with broken German, just exactly how fucked up they are. Explain exactly what they were saying, and why it bothered me so. The Americans understood me, but some of the Germans kept looking closer, thinking; "who is this crazy, passionate, person, and why are they so bother about an advertisement
for an auto?"

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #69

I’ve been touring with bands for the past seven years and since I spend a good portion of my life on the road, I figured that I should devote a little bit of writing to one of the most common tour ailments...the sore throat.  The trick is to recognize the symptoms before it gets bad.  Often,  people will ask for an herbal remedy once they are already feeling really shitty and I can’t help them (I’m not an herbalist, I just truly love learning how plants can help heal us) because most of my knowledge is about preventative care.  Basically, if you treat y

EcoPunk #69

It’s hard to notice the little things.

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