S&L #68 Summer 2001

EcoPunk #68: Somewhere Between Defeat...

this was an alternate column that was not printed.

Some Thoughts #68

    Once again I’ve been contemplating my sanity.  Although this time around it seems to have been worse than in the past.  I have had a tendency to take on more and more things - to try and do more and more, without ever letting anything go.  Needless to say this pattern eventually brings itself to a breaking point.  I got to my limit, but I couldn’t tell if I was about to lose my mind, because my reactions were not following the normal pattern of over-achiever stress.  This time around I found myself suffering intense social anxiety and

Guest Columnist #68: Sisters of the Road

     Constant movement and constant chaos take up much of the rebel girl's time. From the backwoods to the trainyard to the urban jungle camp, it's had for a gal to keep clean and healthy. Stress and poor nutrition (or near-starvation) combined with the lack of showers bring on a variety of problems. Add in the unhealthy aspects of a healthy sex drive and the problems increase... Luckily, the solutions can be just as low-tech and cheap as the weeds around you.

Guest Columnist #68 - Sera Bilezikyan: Joey

Rockabilly in the Morning, Reflections on the Death of Joey Ramone
Sera Bilezikyan

Ask the Bartender, Ask the Plants, Ask Karoline #68

    I love summer in California...the sky is always blue, warm/hot days, mild nights and no mosquitoes. So what if we don’t have enough electricity?! Then again, summer is just plain great wherever you happen to be...and I’ve got a few tasty herbal beverages that will quench your thirst and nourish you at the same time.
The Herbs...

The Future Generation #68

I’m Moving to Baltimore
    I once lived in Baltimore and then I left to move to Minneapolis. I left Minneapolis, after a year and a half, to move in with my grandmother in the suburbs of Baltimore. Now I am moving from the suburbs to the city. Got that? I wanted to get this straight, first off – cuz this is the tale of two cities. Baltimore, now and then.

EcoPunk #68

    Summer is finally here and with it, the dark clouds of change. There are those who think of summer as a time of relaxation and stability, of stasis and tranquility. A season when time seems to stand still and life slows to an almost immeasurable pace. It's amazing what too many years in public schools can do to the fragile humyn mind.

Adrienne #68

     I looked at Tony and said "Sometimes, the person with the greatest strengths can also have the greatest weaknesses." and as the words came out of my mouth, I realized I'd had a flashing moment of personal brilliance.  I don't think that Tony particularly noticed my shining, brilliant moment, but that's okay.  My personal epiphany wasn't meant to inspire revolutionary thoughts inside of him.  He and I were simply sitting on my stoop on a beautifully mild morning getting to know each other.  Talking about relationships, about sex, about a

Thoughts & Stories of Mike Straight #68

    Work. Yea, I know what you are thinking. A four-letter word, a necessary evil, something to dread, something that needs to get done, as little as possible to survive. We have to trade our labor for money, so we reject materialism as much as we can, in order to have more time to truly live. That is the lesson we have taught ourselves, but is this the only way we should look at it?

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