S&L #64 Summer 2000

Guest Columnist #64 - Subvert the Military

     A while ago I got the chance to go to this workshop in Chicago called BASIC TRAINING FOR PEACE. It was a weekend workshop that was tied to the CCCO (Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors). The people that happened to put on this workshop were from Philadelphia. Despite the fact that not as many people showed up as was expected / hoped, it was a totally great time and very worthwhile.

Some Thoughts #64

    Summer has come rolling in, on a rollercoaster that seems to have skipped right over spring.  Without the schedule of a school year, and the fact that this hot weather has been around on and off for months now - it doesn’t even feel like summer to me.  And yet - currently it’s hot muggy and sweltering in the depths of summer which will last for the coming months.  This is always the last part of Slug & Lettuce that I work on.  Usually by the time everything is done and either laid out or ready for layout -- I plod away with my thoughts

EcoPunk #64 - Amazon

    Sometimes it’s really fucking hard to be an anarchist, much less an anarchist punk. After those first few years of youthful naiveté wear off and one starts pushing their 20s, then their 30s, reality starts setting in like so many layers of sediment through an old riverbed.

Adrienne #64

    I got filled with righteous indignation at an early age. I must have been all of 17 when I began to read and study about feminist issues. I would read book after book about sexism and inequality and each word I read filled me with rage and fury. it had never occurred to me until that point in my life to question the ways that people treated me differently simply because of my gender. I had never thought of the conditioning and the socialization that I had been brainwashed with that made me think and feel certain things about myself as a woman.

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