S&L #57 Autumn 1998

The Future Generation #57

Punk Parent Issue #3    

    When I had my child, back in 1988, I took to reading about childraising practices in various indigenous tribes around the world, (American Indians, Eskimos, Pygmies, Gypsies, etc.) - because we as punks were created in rebellion - not with any cultural childraising principles passed down to us.

Adrienne #57

    At four o’clock in the morning your mind becomes soggy mush.  I’m sure that most people reading this can relate to that feeling.  It’s almost as if your tongue becomes thicker in your dry mouth and your eyes burn in their sockets as if someone has been blowing cigarette smoke directly into them for an hour straight.  You remind focuses and unfocuses on ideas like some bad home movie being filmed by your drunk uncle.  Your body wildly craves to just curl into a small ball and drop blissfully off into sleep.  I could almost feel my

Some Thoughts #57

    Everything has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.  I’m very sensitive to the seasons and my moods are very much affected by and altered by the sun and temperatures.  So consequently, I tend to write about the seasons quite a bit here in S&L.  Fall is always a season that I enjoy -- a break in the heat of the summer; a time when you can put your favorite sweater on, curl up in a warm place, breathe deeply of the crisp air.  I revel in these things.  But not only are the season’s a bit different here in Richmond than they are up

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