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Vegan Action #89

Minimize Your Use of Resources and Impact on the Environment

Vegan Action #86

    What do feminism and animal welfare issues have to do with each other?  Is animal liberation connected to liberation for women?  Speciesim and sexism are similar oppressions in that they are both dictated by the gender hierarchy and male privilege in our society.  Power is measured by dominance in our society and men maintain the most power (patriarchy) by dominating those “less” than them ñ women and animals.   Women and animals are dominated though objectification and consumption by (most) men.  Animals are literally turn

Vegan Action #84

    What if we all became vegan tomorrow?  What would happen to all of the animals in the world destined for dinner plates?  I’m not sure if you have ever thought about this but a lot of folks ask this question at Vegan Action tabling events or through emails.  While we know this would never happen and it is just a hypothetical question, I think it’s worthy of some thought and discussion.  Granted a lot of folks just want to find every possible reason to not become vegetarian or vegan.

Vegan Action #83

    Ten years ago while doing vegan outreach the most common reason for folks not giving the vegan diet a try was because of a lack of availability and limited options.

Vegan Action #80

    Some activists have started to embrace neoprimitivism by striving to become more independent and consume less from big businesses and industries.  In an effort to be more in touch with nature and our ancestry, some folks are moving back to the woods and living more autonomously.  Over the last few years I have been meeting more and more road kill eaters, mostly at conferences and festivals.  Some of them are even “road kill vegans.” Is this a contradiction of terms or a sound, ecological way of life?  Looking at this from a consumerism poin

Vegan Action #78

    Growing up in the suburbs of DC was more than I could ask for in the eighties, especially when it came to going to shows.  A lot of the shows were in churches which didn’t seem odd and it was quite clear that it was the older kids in the community that were running those shows.  I definitely looked forward to the church shows especially because almost everyone there was really nice to the young kids.  Aside from meeting kids that actually lived in DC (not Northern Virginia) and seeing great shows, I was first introduced to pro-choice and animal rights

Vegan Action #77

    The Submission Hold show got me all warm and fuzzy about being old.  The show was not super crowded, just enough people and a few little kids.  Kids at shows are so awesome and it sets a really comfortable tone (this was not at a bar or club).  It felt like community.  I am now at the age where some of my friends have kids and live as they always have but they are also raising a child or children.  It is so frustrating that we are so inundated with society telling us we have to grow up some time and conform like everyone else (if we haven’t

Vegan Action #76

    Confrontation in activism  it’s something that never used to be a concern for me.  I didn’t question my relentless, overbearing confrontation with people.  At protests I was one off the loudest and most aggressive.  I converted my anger with fur wearers, SUV drivers, meat eaters, circus patrons and rodeo fans into a penetrating voice that didn’t quit.  After all, silence is acceptance.

Vegan Action #75

    World War III.  We have taken to the streets and expressed our feeling of protest but what else can we do?  How about not funding the war.  I have to digress from the specific vegan agenda and address the war and the immediate necessity for all of us to not participate in paying for this war.  If you work and pay federal taxes you are funding this and future use of arms and weapons against other people by the u.s.  Please do something today and become a War Tax Resister.  When you fill out that W4 form when you first get hired you are asked t

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