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Some Thoughts #89

    As you can see, this issue has come together a bit better than the last small issue.  And for that I want to thank all the advertisers who put in their support, as well as a number of individuals who gave some generous donations.  Thank you so much.  I think that this zine will have a future after all, as it does seem like people do want it to continue, which is nice to know.  It’s been a labor of love for so long, and it’s been so frustrating and difficult of late.  I’ve been doing this zine for half my life.  I started whe

Some Thoughts #88

    This issue might come as much of a shocker to you as it did to me.  A mere 12 pages, the smallest issue I’ve done since I can remember.  I’ve been saying for a long time now, that times were tough and that it was hard to gets ads, etc.  And over the past few months that feeling got worse and then it seems like everything just hit a brick wall.  I think that everyone is either completely spaced out or traveling cause I didn’t even hear back from half the regular advertisers, and even some of the columnists.  It makes me feel like

Some Thoughts #87

ˆ    This issue marks the 19-year anniversary of Slug & Lettuce.  I find it pretty amazing actually considering that not only does that just sound like forever, but it’s as old as many of the punks that we hang out with.  Kinda puts a whole new perspective on things when you look at it that way.  So next year will mark the 20-year anniversary with issue #90 and my hope it to compile a book of all the photos that have been in S&L in that time.  I have been planning this project for the past year or so, and thought that somehow, because al

Some Thoughts #90 - The 20 Year Anniversary Story

    So, finally, the 20 Year Anniversary issue of Slug & Lettuce.  Only 6 months late.  Not bad considering.  It’s been quite a time.  So let me tell you the story.  First of all, in the past year, my son Stigandr Forest was born, we moved house, I returned to full time work at the photo lab after 2 months post partum and I’ve had terrible tendenitis which has made it at times near impossible to do much of anything.  Time has slipped through my fingers.  Stig is already 10 months old and I can not believe that it has been a y

Some Thoughts #86

    A few years ago I started keeping a list of all the books that I read, in an attempt to simply keep track of them, as well as to find out just how many books I read in a year.  This past year I think I set my own record with 47.  This doesn’t include zines—just books. 

Some Thoughts #83

    It’s the best time of year, of that I’m eternally predictable and ever consistent.  For all the doldrums of March, April is the reward.  One day there is just a hint of spring and I cling to the buds on the trees, the warmer sun and the longer days.  And before I even know what happened everything is alive, the trees are not just budding but are green with new leaves, the grass is a foot tall, the tulips and wisteria have gone from my favorite peek of full bloom to now leading the path for the next round of plant life.  April just plowed on

Some Thoughts #85

    Ya know I’m a real piece of work.  For as long as I can remember now I’ve been complaining, bitching and moaning about the heat.  I got to my wits end over it.  And it was so hot and so dry for so long, I was doing rain dances at I watched the parched earth get scorced and the garden shrivel up no matter how much I watered it.  But then overnight that sweatshirt I was longingly starting at a few months back is on, and I’ve got a chill.  The overcast day has a drizzle that has left everything feeling damp.   I have a chi

Some Thoughts #84

    It’s already August, and hot as ever.  It seems like just yesterday I was sweating in Texas at the Chaos in Tejas fest, and now it’s just about time to head back to Philly for the “Pointless Fest”, which this year is aptly being called “Hot August Nights”.  Indeed it’s been hot—as hot as I can ever remember.  I’m staring longingly at my sweatshirt thinking of how hard it is to imagine the need to wear anything more than a tanktop.  In Texas the punks gathered for the chaos fest, and it really marked

Some Thoughts #82

    I have been trying to minimize my stuff, and simplify my life for years now.  I am a pack rat by nature, so this isn’t something that comes easy. I grew up in a family of pack rats, so while it runs deep, I’ve also been aware of, and fighting it my whole life.  The first time I moved out of my apartment and packed a bag to travel the country, the bag I packed was huge. Year by year, road trip by road trip and flight across the country after the next, I have tried to reduce the amount of crap I haul along with me.

Some Thoughts #81

    Things have been rather sluggish here around the S&L HQ.  Besides the changing seasons, and the predictable slowing down of energy which comes with the colder darker days, this issue found itself in even worse of an ad crisis than the last issue.  S&L is dependent on the advertising which balances the pages out and ultimately pays for the printing so that the zine can be free.  This formula has worked for years and I am thankful to those who have helped to make it possible.  The type is small so I can fit more content into the pages.  I co

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