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Guest Columnist #88 - Ida Community

    The Mennonites at the mouth of our hollow would truly think they were homesteading at the Gates of Hell, if they knew what goes on a few miles deeper into the hills. Slug and Lettuce readers, on the other hand, will be pleased to know that a bunch of queer punx are whooping it up here at the Ida community in Middle Tennessee.

Guest Columnist #85 - Shelley part 2

I have been to New Orleans 3 times since the storm for a total of five days. We got in with some bogus company documents printed off the computer in a way that looked so janky I just can’t believe they worked, but they did and I got to survey the city a bit while it was still a ghost town occupied only by military, police, and the developers driving escorted around the city in search of property investments.

Guest Columnist #85 - Shelley an open letter

Dear Slug and Lettuce Readers,

   This is Shelley from New Orleans. I put have been putting together Chainbreaker Bicycle Zine from there for the last few years, and I wanted to write to ya’ll about this hurricane and about what is going on with my city. It is hard to know where to begin, so I guess I will begin with the beginning.

Guest Columnist #85 - Philly's Pissed

Philly’s Pissed and Philly Stands Up Report Back for 2005 Pointless Fest

Philly’s Pissed and Philly Stands Up provided support at this year’s Pointless Fest, a three-day concert held annually.  We worked to make this event more of a safe space for all people, specifically by making ourselves available to folks who needed support around issues of assault or safety. 

Guest Columnist #84 - Philly's Pissed

    During the 2004 Pointless Fest, at events connected to Pointless Fest, 3 people were sexually assaulted. People spontaneously came together to emotionally support the survivors, carry out survivor demands, and hold perpetrators accountable. Out of this organizing, two local groups formed to work on sexual assault within our “radical” communities. Philly’s Pissed is a group formed to support survivors of sexual assault; Philly Stands Up works with perpetrators.

Guest Columnist #82 - Philly's Pissed

An open letter to our communities about dealing with sexual assault:
    We are a two Philadelphia groups working together to combat sexual violence. Rape and sexual assault are prevalent issues within radical communities, and we have noticed that when a survivor makes their story public within their communities, a few common reactions occur:
a) Friends of the assaulter often respond with, “X would never do that.”

Guest Columnist #81 - Social Conspiracy

What if the means to do so stared you right in the face would you use it?

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