Frozen Inside by Cindy

Frozen Inside by Cindy #88

Anarchism, What it Stands For, by Emma Goldman, summarized, modernized, translated into more plain language, and generally butchered by Cindy.

    Every new idea that has brought humanity forward has been fought against viciously by people in power. Every new generation faces more insidious forms of social control, but still, the march towards freedom continues on.

Frozen Inside by Cindy #87

    49 percent of women in America will have an abortion before they’re 45, but hardly any of us really plan for it. I think it is just so important that we have knowledge of what resources are available for us and for our friends. Also, in this world that is increasingly hostile to women having control over their bodies, it’s important that we know what is going on inside of us, and ways we can deal with the emotional and physical impacts of unwanted pregnancy.

Frozen Inside by Cindy #84

Ideas for learning together some self defense.

Frozen Inside by Cindy #82

    A few years ago I was part of a small women’s health group — it was 3 friends of mine and me and we were slowly, awkwardly, learning how to learn things together. We were all pretty shy and pretty self conscious and we talked about how cool it would be to someday be able to teach or facilitate classes on things like physiology, self defense, nutrition, herbs, self exam, stds, birth-control; things like that.

Frozen Inside by Cindy #80

    These are questions about consent that me and a friend of mine put together for a workshop we helped put together. They helped spark a lot of really good and important discussions in our community, and hopefully will be helpful for you all too. We ask that you read and think honestly about these questions one at a time. (you certainly don’t have to read the whole list in one sitting!

Frozen Inside by Cindy #78

    Maybe we need 100 new words for when our friends or acquaintances or partners assault or rape us.

Frozen Inside by Cindy #79

    We are supposed to be either good or bad, virgin or whore, innocence or slut.

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