Adrienne #65

    It must have been around ten years ago. I had gone to my parents house earlier in the evening for a dinner with the family. I rarely went out to visit because I couldn't stand being around my Father. But once every few months, I would feel the accumulated pressure of my family to have a dinner with all of us together. I'd have to get in my car and usually drag whoever my current boyfriend was along as a buffer between me and my immediate relatives. I never really got along with anyone in my family except for my Mother. I love my Mother with all my heart.

Adrienne #64

    I got filled with righteous indignation at an early age. I must have been all of 17 when I began to read and study about feminist issues. I would read book after book about sexism and inequality and each word I read filled me with rage and fury. it had never occurred to me until that point in my life to question the ways that people treated me differently simply because of my gender. I had never thought of the conditioning and the socialization that I had been brainwashed with that made me think and feel certain things about myself as a woman.

Adrienne #61

    Years ago, when I still lived in Oakland, California, I heard about a woman in our punk scene that had been raped by her ex-boyfriend. It happened during a party when she had gone to her room to pass out drunk. She woke up with the guy on top of her, raping her. I knew the woman that it had happened to, although I was never very close to her. I also knew the guy that had done it, although I had never been very close to him either. There was no question and no denial of the rape. It had happened and everyone was trying to deal with it.

Adrienne #59

     Two people very close to me are getting married within the next couple of months. Both weddings are giving me this giddy, excited feeling and I've been spending a lot of time down in Soho going into little boutiques and clothing stores that I would normally never shop in to try to find an appropriate dress for both events. My friend Beau planted the idea in my mind that getting dressed up for a wedding is cool so now I've been on this frustrating and exasperating search for the perfect outfit.

Adrienne #58

    Generally, I wouldn’t call myself a paranoid person.  I don’t think that the FBI or the CIA are after me or tapping my phone lines.  I never feel as if someone is watching me in some covert operation.  I don’t cover various parts of my body with aluminum foil in the hopes of deflecting secret messages being sent to me by government mind controllers.  Nor do I think that there are hidden camera throughout my house that  monitor my every move.  Every stranger that I meet is not some spy who is trying to infiltrate my life in o

Adrienne #57

    At four o’clock in the morning your mind becomes soggy mush.  I’m sure that most people reading this can relate to that feeling.  It’s almost as if your tongue becomes thicker in your dry mouth and your eyes burn in their sockets as if someone has been blowing cigarette smoke directly into them for an hour straight.  You remind focuses and unfocuses on ideas like some bad home movie being filmed by your drunk uncle.  Your body wildly craves to just curl into a small ball and drop blissfully off into sleep.  I could almost feel my

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