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Welcome to the Slug & Lettuce website!

This has been a project in the works for several years now, and I (we) have finally gotten to the completion of the beginning.  What that means is that this now has all of the photo and column archives available in a searchable and sortable format.

All of the photos that were published in Slug & Lettuce #58-90 are here.  Prior to issue #58 when things were done manually (and less digitally) all of the photos were not scanned.  So the photos from issues #1-57 are incomplete and end up being more of a "best of" selection that I pulled together for the 20 year anniversary issue.

The next phase of the Slug & Lettuce archiving project will be to go back and scan negs to "fill in" some of the missing band photos from those earlier years.

It is also worth noting that MANY of the photos you can see here have been taken from the original scans from prints -- and then reduced in size for the web.  In other words the quality is lacking and is nothing like what it could be if I was scanning from film today.  But that would require many more years of work and this has taken long enough.

A little bit of history --

Slug & Lettuce is/was a punk rock fanzine supporting the DIY (do-it-yourself) ethics of the punk scene and community.  It existed in print format from 1987 untill 2007.  It started out in State College PA, represeted some of the Pittsburgh scene in the late 80s, a short stint in Boston in 1989, and then really settled into "it's own" with the newsprint tabloid format in NYC, where the emphasis was on networking for international DIY punk contact and communication.  Plus band photography and punk art!  Slug & Lettuce had a print run of 10,000, was published quarterly and distributed worldwide for free.  Slug & Lettuce has been based out of Richmond VA since 1997.

Issue #90 was the 20 year anniversary issue.  It was an all photo issue representing the lifespan of the zine.  That was the last issue in print format.

As of 2011 - I unfortunately have no plans for any near future print issues.  The postage rates alone are prohibitive, let alone the fact that my printer went out of business several years ago.  I'm the first to admit that the internet is nothing like a piece of newsprint you can carry with you... but it's also a resource that we didn't have when Slug & Lettuce was in it's prime. 

For now... it's pretty awesome to be able to see all these photos in one place and read all the columns from over the years.  You can search the photos by band, or by issue.  The regular art contributors are also represented.  Please note that the columns have been pulled from their original files.  This means two things: any edits that were done in the layout are not represented, and much of the contact info is long outdated.  New contact info is listed if available.  A few people are MIA.

This is still a work in progress.  Hopefully in the not too distant future things will become "current" again, but for now, it's archives.  With lots more photos still to come!

All photography is by Chris Boarts Larson, aka Christine or Chris(tine).

Enjoy!  Massive thanks to Ben Axiom for building and creating this site!

xo —Chris(tine) August 2011


It's 2016 and not much has changed.

I do have a complete digital archive of all my film, but I have not updated this website or posted anything new unfortunately.  My initial plans to make update this website with current content didn't come to pass. 

Most important right now is that I have closed my PO Box.  I can't say I ever saw that day coming, but I kept it open for years longer than I probably needed to.

I have a Slug & Lettuce facebook page to which I post new photos and current content, as well as the occasional blast from the past.

Future website plans are up in the air, but look for something new in the near future!

Thanks! -Chris(tine)